Usage of Koredoko

Main screen

Display of location information

Show me map, image, time, latitude/longitude on the screen.
According to the position information, the marker will be displayed on the map.

Switching of image

If you swipe to the right, to switch to the old image.
If you swipe to the left, to switch to the new image.

Share of image

When you tap the image, pass the image to other apps.

Marker menu

When you tap the marker icon ic_action_place of action bar, menu is displayed you.

  • Share
    I pass it to other apps location information.
  • Show in the Map
    I start the map application.
  • Restore location information
    To return to the original (latitude/longitude of blue state) the location information that has changed.
  • Save Location
    Save to reflect the location information that has changed. You can be saved to a separate file or overwrite.
  • Remove Location
    I will remove the location information. You can be saved to a separate file or overwrite.

Display of detailed information

When you tap the details button ic_action_about the action bar, details of the image information (Exif) will be displayed.
Menu is displayed when you tap each item, and passes it to the other apps location information.

Editing location information

If you long tap on the map or drag, the marker on the map, you can change the location information.
If you change the location information, latitude/longitude is in blue, it is saved as an internal information of Koredoko.
Location information that has been edited, you can save from the marker menu.
※ If you exit Koredoko, location information can be saved, to be discarded.


If you swipe to the right from the left edge of the screen, or press the left side of the action bar to display a list of image.


Map Type

As with the standard map, I will change the type of map.

Coordinate Format

I will change the way of display latitude/longitude.


You can when I have you purchase Premium to turn OFF the ad.


I will send an email to the developer addressed.